Sunday, February 14, 2010

June 2007


Beginning the process of archiving more old hikes from the Previous Blog…this was originally hiked and documented almost three years ago.  Much water under the bridge since these photos were taken with my old Power Shot.



Post Dinner Hike

The trailhead to Baldy is maybe 5-10 minutes from our home.  It's a short hike; maybe 2 miles or a bit less, but quite steep.  Tricky going down!  Spectacular views at the top.  Thought Keith and I might be able to make it a Dynamic Duo tonight, but the kids ended up wanting to join us.  Who can blame them when the weather was so spectacular?  Many others had the same plans for the evening; there were probably 20 cars at the trailhead; one of our fellow hikers offered to take a family photo.

Our goal:



Going UP!  Toddler out of backpack for now:



A view:



Toddler returned to pack and napping:



We made it!  (I don’t think we’ve been back up in our familial entirety since this was taken either…capture those moments, they are fleeting!)



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